Lack of compassion, insensitive, selfish, self-absorbed, self-concerned, etc. That was me thinking about my bosses yesterday while we were at B_, waiting for the d_s to get back to the family (not the 9-5/work family) about the daughter’s condition. Read: Some really blanked up shit happened at work and I had / have 0 appreciation for how my employers handled / handle themselves around the blanked up shit. Liabilities, Workers Comp, Insurance, Shop Consultants. While at the h_, I just wanted to yell Wake the Blank Up–I promise, a lot of this shit has NOTHING to do with YOU. The only reason any of this shit is resolvable is because the Project Manager was calm throughout the process. She really just snapped into This is how we will deal with this mode. All I really did was call 911. No, I’m not writing about this. It’s too much. The daughter was so positive when we stopped by to see her at the hospital tonight. We brought her a strange assortment of flowers. She tried to keep her dimpled smile on the whole time. She must have spent the whole day she was awake looking at her whole h_ mining the possibilities for the now no longer whole one. She was so positive and her positivity was a kick in the blank. I need to stop before– | Cortado. Cortado. Cortado. | My male employer likes to take an accusatory tone when dealing with me. My male employer is an asshole. In his language the way he deals is all sorts of machismist. | I like it when people on the train try to strike up a chat. Most of the time I oblige. This city is sometimes shitty and sometimes the last thing you need is yet another person who’ll ignore you. None of that made sense together, but I guess, by now, that’s the theme in all of this. | I told her to go for a swim, to participate in well-regulated socialization / distraction instead of telling her Don’t blame yourself. I gave her a hug before she went underground to catch her train. I will bring her dessert for our half day at work tomorrow. We have to work on a Saturday because Captain Yale is incapable of doing work for himself. | The blanked up shit from far above really made me want to quit. No, my employers’ attitude re the blanked up shit above really made me want to quit. Now I just have to find another job. New criteria for the job hunt: (To be continued, my eyeballs are getting sleepy and– | I bought a lemon tree.