It is not 2am but it feels like 2am. I am working on a project that I have been putting off. These projects are possible because I take various liberties with the _ at w_–mostly I just use the _ when no one is l_. Not hurting anyone, who cares. | Work was painfully boring, slow, unproductive. I spent a good part of the day reading whatever I could on the finish intended for the significant-building-I-saw-recently’s concrete and was pleasantly surprised. Though the color of the concrete is terrible, I guess it’s much better than g_-l_ or a m_ed white. That led to other reading or trying to track down some notes on Pomo by Eco. Which led to Pugin’s Contrasts plates which led to a bit of Fra which led to the IBSG Museum, etc. etc. etc. Old haunts, new haunts, all perfect distractions from work. Jencks, too. All that Viva Italia in New Orleans and some housing project of his in New Haven.| The principals left this morning and peace ensued. One of the tasks I had on my list was to get them and a friend of theirs in touch with all the _ _s they like (what the blank is that criteria) in the city I quit, which was all sort of bullshit because the emails should have been sent to the _ _s by them. The 9 to 5 to 8 to whatever is all just ridiculous middlemanning. Sometimes it feels like middlemanning on behalf of college students. Other times it feels like middlemanning on behalf of second graders. At one of the last meetings, they decided one of the project managers would middleman their relationship with a client’s middle(wo)man, all because one of the principals’ initial enthusiasms quickly morph into obsessive anxieties. So the project manager is middlemanning for the equivalent of a 16yo, which is all a WASTE of her TIME. | I miss the intern (Intern 1) from the Sunshine State. Sometimes I miss her because of the way she used the words basic (to describe people) and stupid. | The new Intern 1 is studying at the school I attended. I envy her ability to transition through tasks quickly. Drawings, models. My approach is more like doing all the tasks at once and evenly well. I like putting her in charge of Intern 2, who I’ll refer to as Princess from here on out. | One of the principals lost his cool because he could not find a pen he lost. It was like watching a child looking for Easter eggs in a mostly flat landscape with few hiding places (pavers, small plantings from Home Depot, dwarf trees, patchy grass, a not pre-fab shed, a fence overgrown with a tame version of kudzu). I wish I could share where the image comes from. | I spoke with a friend of mine who would be an ideal lover for a while this evening after I spent some time thinking about boycotting our relationship for a while because he would be an ideal lover. | Writing this is slow and my eyes are sinking shut. Good night.