First note on new phone. Work was boring today. Work is working on an installation for the blank blank in a F_ city. Not one of the first cities you think of. The plan looks like some Judeo-Wiccan what??? but the intern drawing them is so capable, capable of more, capable of better. I especially like the isometrics that come out of thin air. Pooooof! | I spent a good part of the day in a book called The Shaker World. Plenty of visual conjecture re Judd and Martin referencing? (I can’t write that I was reading closely, just looking) their brand of minimalism. Some strange shit came over me while I was in the library leafing through its pages. Conjecture bc Judd was just a control freak who gave his daughter the little room and his son the loft so he could never be the Shaker brand of thoughtful. Or maybe that was the point. Shakers were in total control of their desires and their relationship to The World. But still conjecture because Judd didn’t actually make shit after a certain point in his career, he was just a puppet master. Koons, Hirst sort of shit. In a dream I was a Shaker carpenter who could compose the shit out of the facade of a dresser and choose just the right not intended as Pomo teal blue to top it all off. My mind was lacquering all the woodwork a la Eileen Gray or some Japanese craftsman immune to urushi. I won’t get into the Martin bc I’m still working on some thoughts ab the marketing strategy she developed for her work as a resp–not here not now| Last night, I tried improving my monochrome with three variations self imposed uniform and failed. It was bullshit, like work. | 42nd Street | Home | So many men in pink shirts in T today. 6. | At the office lunch, I mentioned that it’s probably not a great idea for the office to work with someone who will be a judge of the next competition they’re submitting to and Captain Yale said But it’s anonymous and in the back of my head I thought U think this brand of forced struggle isn’t typical enough of the male principal that that judge wouldn’t catch on? The blank U id. Oh wait u guys aren’t struggling or suffering w this 1 bc yr just recycling a building u submitted for a competition u lost. I think I have written about this and yes thinking twd everything office re is as annoying as txt shortform. Wut stoop aO defends any of this shit. | Enough.